Every trip adds a particular value to my life. Every journey means new discoveries and new beginnings. When I travel I love to cover book-kilometers as well. Last summer was tremendous for me. Our team joined Tech Crunch San-Francisco event and had an opportunity to pitch in front of tech-savvy community.

I saw “future”. I could touch it and hear it in this event. Everyday we had 3 hours of “road” to cover for TC Disrupt. It meant time for reading and letting my brain go wild as well.

These two books became my travel-mates and I enjoyed their company. I usually do not spoil books for readers so I will just tease you with some quotes that I highlighted from book “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan and put into my Kvotter account.

I must admit that this book restarted the inner potential of mine and helped me to focus on the most important. Writing and Teaching.

I am sure it is going to change many lives for better and give a second chance to all talents out there.

Basically all that matters is focusing on the most important “thing”. This ability will eventually take you to a next level of execution and creativity.

These are the screenshots of 3 quotes that I enjoyed the most and shared with my fellow “Kvotters”