These are some books that we have at my fathers house. Some are old, some are fresh out of print. Some narrate a great story, some give tips on becoming a better chess player. If you visit our house you will always surf around them not knowing from which one to start. Time and choices. We have no time and so many choices out there to make. Credit goes to Seth Godin for this wonderful sentence that show our reason for hesitation.

Books are fruits. Fruits are healthy and they have vitamins. But we have no time for eating them. Usually we are on the run. We may grab some apples at times. Or eat a banana once in a while. Usually we have no time for fruits unless they are beautifully sliced into a fruit salad. Someone has to slice them for us. Someone has to pack them for us so that we have enough time and interest to eat them. What is the ultimate way of packing and providing fruits for lazy people like us. It is juice.

Millions of books are published every year. Millions of people wonder what to read next. Yet there is another majority of population who has no time and interest in reading. (At least this is what they think)

Which book is the one we need? Which one is going to change our entire life or at least make our day? We hesitate so much that we do not actually read enough to find out. But then we see a quote by some author or public figure. One quote sparks our interest into reading that whole book. Suddenly one quote becomes a teaser for the works of an author.

We nourish our souls one quote at a time. Quotes are the juices we need daily to stay fit and get our daily doze of “vitamins”.

It is important to remember that someone out there slices and packs the fruits for us. Someone who loves us or cares about us makes juice so that we drink eat and continue to work and create.

We all have a chance to become that someone. Kvotter gives us this chance. I am sure some of you have incredible collection of books. It is like a fridge full of fruits of wisdom. All you need is to slice them and juice them into form of quotes. Share your wisdom. Share your books. Share the passion behind works of authors. One quote at a time.

“Juice making process” is simple. All you need is 4 steps to help people discover new books.

Good luck!