You picked a book or a magazine. You read some ebook or blog. Does not matter. There will always be something interesting or important to put aside. Something that will touch your heart or pin itself to your brain.

Usually it is quotes or short paragraghs.

You highlight them with marker or you take a photo and put into fb or instagram. These solutions are not convenient . Because number of books increases everytime and your insta+fb photos get mixed with other photos you take on a daily basis.

Your mobile phone is loaded with Apps and you are thinking why should I make some room for another App. Well, let me give you 3 reasons:

Reason 1

Kvotter is an ultimate way to stock and share any quote from any source possible (book, e-book, magazine, blogs and etc) You do it with OCR scanner which sets you free from typing all that content.

Reason 2

Kvotter gives you access to millions of books and particularly the parts of books which people discuss the most. You have a chance to search for your field of interest using hashtags and follow influencers who constantly bust some valuable content out.

You will also have access to teasers of books that are not in stores yet. These teasers will be number of quotes published by authors and publishing houses. Imagine getting insider info about Malcolm Gladwell-s or Gary Vaynerchuk -s upcoming books. God imagine a third world kid who get free access to these influencers books just using these App. Talking about making this world a better place.

Reason 3

Imagine you have quotes that you stored from 100+ books and you can read them anytime and anyplace. You can make them private or public. This way you let people see your personal library. (People who follow you will get to see what is in your mind right now or what quote excites your brain. )

If you have passion for reading and sharing what you read then KVOTTER is the best place you reside. To download our App just go to

Note: App is available only for Android users right now but we are working on IOS version as well.